Thrasymachus Philosophy Paper

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Thrasymachus, a famous Sophist philosopher, shared his theory that injustice has greater advantages than justice. He says that injustice is “superior to justice in strength and freedom and autocratic power.” This is because he believes that a just man always has the worst of it. Thrasymachus defines “just” as those who serve the interest of the stronger at the cost of the subject who obeys, and “injustice” as asserting authority over those innocents so that they may please their master, instead of having their own happiness or gaining an advantage. His bases his idea that the unjust are more successful than the just because the more honest of two competitors never comes off with the larger share and always sacrifices more than they need to. “If there is money to be distributed, the dishonest man will get it all.”He states that they miss out on so many advantageous opportunities that only the unjust man could claim. The unjust man can get the better of other people on a interest not to be just.

However, I disagree with Thrasymachus’s ideas. Most of the people who come to mind when I think of successful people, I also think of as being just. Successful people are not infamous people. If someone who is successful does something unjust, they are no longer regarded by society as successful. Take Lance Armstrong for example. He was one of the most successful professional road racing cyclists. However, he was recently found guilty of using and distributing performance-enhancing drugs. These unjust actions have caused him to be banned for life from races and disqualified from all his results since 1998, including his seven Tour de France titles. People both recognize and appreciate those who are fair and just, and look down upon those who are not. In my opinion, unjust people cannot get far enough with their dishonesty and cheating before they are caught and held back by the just. People want to work with just people. In the long run, being just will get you farther...
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