Thoughts on Lil Wayne's Song "Karate Chop, Emmet Till, and Vaginal Brutalization

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  • Topic: Emmett Till, Black people, Tallahatchie River
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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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The incident with Lil Wayne and Emmett Till really got me concerned about this generation and since this is the month of February, which is Black History Month, what better time for me to actually talk about it. Let me state that I have never liked Lil Wayne or the tripe he puts out. Call me a hater (which is hardly the case), but I find him to be everything that is wrong with current rap today: no positivity, no respect, and no skill. In one of the lyrics to his song Karate Chop, Lil Wayne described the “beating of a woman’s pussy” to that of Emmett Till. For those of you who don’t know why that’s offensive, let’s have a little history lesson for a moment. All people, especially African Americans, should know the story of Emmett Till. After all, his death had set in motion a chain reaction that lead to the movement that granted African Americans their rights. Emmett Till was a young, 14-year-old boy who was tortured to death for alledgly flirting with a white woman at a grocery store. Back then, it was illegal for blacks to even make eye contact with a white person so you could imagine the consequences of such a “serious offense.” At the time, he was visiting his relatives in Missisippi where the incident occurred. About a few days later, Roy Bryant, the husband of the women and his half-brother J.W. Milam, kidnapped Emmett and transported him to a barn where they then proceed to beat him, gorge out his eye, shoot him in the head, and dispose his body by throwing it into the Tallahatchie River. Because blacks were barred for serving jury duty, the two men were trialed in front of an all-white jury. The men were trialed for murder, but acquitted. Both admitted to the murder, but were protected by double jeopardy, which means a person cannot be trialed again for the same crime. Here is a picture of Emmett Till in his open casket:

Which brings me on to discuss the actual implications of the lyrics. I want you to stare at the picture above. I want you to...
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