Thoughts in a Bathroom

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, Dum Dum Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Thoughts In A Bathroom
“Bye Anwesha”, her friends waved her as they boarded the Dum Dum bound metro from Park Street. They, that means Puja, Joyi, Soumi, Pritha, her college friends. She is a student of Sociology Honours of St. Xavier’s College. The short walk from her college gates to the Park Street metro, is the most enjoyable time of her day, as she is with her friends chatting and laughing away while talking about the latest gossip in her college. But who can imagine that the other side of the coin can be so cold and terrifying? A Tollygunge bound metro has just arrived but her legs just don’t seem carry her to the train. Her shoulders suddenly feel heavy as if a heavy hand is imparting weight on them. Does she have any other alternatives? She has to return to the same dark hell once again. Life was so beautiful in her own house at Silliguri, where she lived happily with her parents. But Anwesha had to leave the small town as she headed towards Kolkata to study in Xavier’s. The first few days in her college were so chaotic that her parents found a little time to provide her with a proper habitation. They had decided that until they found a proper place, she would reside at her distantly related grand pa’s place at 38, Golf Club Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata. It is an old, shattered two storied building on the verge of destruction. Her grand parents live at the top floor, and she rarely sees their faces. By the time the clock strikes ten, everything is silent baring the sound of dripping water from her dark, cold bathroom. As Anwesha opens the door of her bathroom with a creaking sound, it’s stinking smell seems to devour her with its sharp claws. The façade plasters of the bathroom walks, resembles faces and some of them seems to be so alive that it terrifies her very sole. The tunnel shaped bathroom is so dimly illuminated that it seems shadows creep out from the dark end of the bathroom. The dripping of water from the tap only adds to the fast beating of her...
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