Thoughtless Act

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  • Published : August 16, 2011
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A Is it possible to perform a thoughtless act? The answer is no, thinking is the act or process of one that thinks. Thinking is a way of reasoning and judgment; it allows a person to develop views on new situations and life based on their beliefs and experiences. The cognitive process consists of two kinds of perception, sensation and intuition. The sensing process is the minds ability to receive and react to stimuli. In order to think an individual must use their senses. Imagine standing on the edge of an expert ski run. You are a beginner and have heard multiple stories of people getting injured or even killed attempting this run. Standing at the top of the run you are really able to visualize the stories and sense your true feelings towards the run. Your senses will affect your thinking; you will either be scared or excited to attempt this run. Our brains would be empty if we could not use our senses. The information sent to our brains is examined and determines how we absorb the information. Our past experiences or personal boundaries determine how we view what we observe. Memory is the organism’s ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences. With out at least some brief memory, we could not think. Thinking and memory are inseparable, the memories help us to define the past and make decisions according to the future. Our thinking medium is language. Language is the program that allows our brains to think they way they do. Without language we would not be able to articulate or interpret information. Perception plays an extremely important role in human interaction. Without an agreed upon perception of a situation, there would be in exorbitant amount of confusion in everyday communication. Many situations occur daily, in which perception can be drastically different from one individual to another. One such situation in my life occurred when a male friend of mine assumed that my friendship meant that I was...
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