Thought and Lottery

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Is lottery a good idea?

Definitely from my view it a good idea. May be different ppl have different opinion but I think its good idea, because it gives a equal chance to each and every one who is participating.. it does not see the qualification and designation of the participant. First of all we have to understand about lottery. What is lottery system? For an example, when ever u send a sms /call to the KBC and give a right ans it does not mean that you will be a winner and get a chance to play KBC. There is also a system call random select process. It is also in our telecom sector when we announce a prize for a lucky winner it is also a lottery system by which we choose a person randomly by our system and give him a price. Now a days lottery system has been change . it is good if person does not harm himself. Now a days lottery does not mean that u hv to make a extra effort and expanse for it, it is everywhere in our system it is necessary when u hv too many eligible person for one prise or thing. Many time many mnc’s do this lottery system for giving some extra prize.even toss is a lottery between two people. But it is on the basis on the luck… here luck plays a vital role on wining,but it gives equal chance to win. Lottery makes ppl optimistic.
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