Thought and Ideal Childhood

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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I had a really ideal childhood, hanging out with friends, chasing birds, and playing with snow, etc. I was looking forward to seeing what my life would be in the future. However, by the time passed, I realized the life would not be as simple as I thought before. I didn’t expect all kinds of “surprises” to come upon me. With puerility, I always dreamed something unreal. Sadly, they all ended up with disappointments. I have been sick of disappointments. It seemed to show that I am the most foolish one in the world. My dad promised me to bring me to aquarium to see dolphins. I had been waiting for the half of the day. When I was dreaming the cute dolphins. Then the phone rang. My father told me that he had something “emergency” to do. I was disappointed. When I felt I did a really good job on my test and looked forward to seeing my scores, I was disappointed again. When I thought someone was really nice to me and we could be very good friends, they did something stupid as I thought. I was disappointed. The life fooled me all the time. Gradually, I changed, and I wouldn’t make daydreams as I did before because I didn’t want more disappointments. The point was that I was still young, and I couldn’t lose confidence towards life. I remind myself that I should overcome it. I should at least persuade myself that the God blesses me, and I was the lucky one. Day by day, the life still kept fooling me, but my mentality had changed. I told myself to change a way to think about it. Also, comparing to other kids, who were living in famine, I was very lucky. After thinking this way, I realized that my life was getting easier and easier. Now, I have a positive altitude towards my life. I know life is hard, but if you don’t trust yourself, no one could help you. Consequently, I should be the one, who saves my life. After having a prophet-thought, when I raise my head, I see the sky, which becomes more attractive, and the pure blue really impresses me.
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