Thought and Gold Adverts

Topics: Thought, Mind, Mobile phone Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Don’t get me started on… Adverts!!
One thing that drives me mad when watching TV is the adverts – which you’ve already watched 1000 times each before. There should be a law where the creators of these adverts are strapped to a chair and made to watch their ‘clever’ creations at LEAST 50 times straight. Only then if they’re still sane the ad can be released.

So then we have all these sending in gold for money adverts with the cheesy acting and out-of-sync speech. In one day I think I must have watched at least 5 different gold adverts; cash4gold, gotgoldgetcash, cashforyourgold, the list goes on… Is gold really suddenly worth a fortune that everyone is sending it away for money? Even if you did have gold, why would you send it off to any of these cheap and tacky looking companies with a terrible exchange-rate when you could go to a well and trusted, respected jeweller and get a much better price. At the end of these ‘gold’ adverts you get to see the customers looking extremely happy with amazing new things, but who has that much gold lying around their house to then have enough money to buy a sports car? Really.

The gold adverts remind me of about a few months ago when all those cash for mobile phone adverts came out. The worst one being ‘Envirofone’ of course. Firstly, I’d like to point out that phone is spelt with a ‘PH’ not ‘F’; changing the first letter isn’t going to make it a ‘cool’ thing to do. And for some reason the creators think it’s a good idea to get a man to annoyingly say ‘WONGAA!!’ half way through. Oh how convenient it is to have this advert repeatedly played throughout the day, you never get a rest from ‘WONGAA, WONGAA, WONGAAA!!’ This just makes my day. Then they choose to end it with a girl announcing ‘and it helps the environment’ is that supposed to entice young people? I’m no expert, but I don’t think that many people are going to care if it’s good for the environment or not. But however maddening these mobile phone adverts are they...
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