Thought and George

Topics: Thought, Mother, Love Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: October 26, 2011
The short story “Editha” is about a woman named Editha which is the main character. Editha is engaged to George. Editha encourages George to fight in the Spanish American war. She has her own perfect ideas on convincing him to fight in the war. Editha thought that if George fought in the war it would show how much he loves her. Editha feels that she is perfect and she expects George to be perfect too. Editha feels that she deserves the best and if George went to war it would make her look good. George did not believe in war, because his father lost his arm in Civil War. After an argument with Editha she finally convinced him to go. Editha tried so hard to get her point across. After an argument George decided to sign up. Before George left he told Editha to oversee his mother if he did not return home. George’s mother was adamant about him going to war. After going to war George dies and his mother fault Editha.

Editha was under the impression she could not love a man that who would not fight for his country. In my opinion, love is when you care about someone more then you care about yourself. Love also can consist of honesty, loyalty, and commitment. I feel like she would not put herself in the position of going to war, so why should that be George’s way to prove he loves her? Love should never be questioned either you do or you do not love the other person. If Editha cared about George’s life she would do anything to protect him. She should have respected his wishes of not wanting to go to war and his moms. Editha was trying to make George into a “fairytale husband”, meaning she was trying to make him into a hero.

Giving him an ultimatum such as him not believing what she did he did not deserve her and I agree. If you cannot accept a person for who they are then there is no reason to put forth the effort to make it right. Editha began to pile up all the things he had given her and put them in a box. Editha expressed that she could not be with a man that...
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