Those Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

Topics: American films, English-language films, Black-and-white films Pages: 3 (1192 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Those Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones
Anna had the feeling of anger inside of her, boiling up like a soup sitting on a stove. She felt alone and she was desperate for love. As she lay on the sand in front of her house, she couldn’t help but look back on all the times she and Sam had. Was it all her fault? She started to realize that maybe it wasn’t just Sam who had done this to her, but maybe she was part of the problem that lies vacant in their minds as they both lay alone, thinking. Sam was feeling the same way as Anna: hurt, angry, desperate for love. But he was not going to go back to that house no matter what. He could not go back on his decision now, because there would be no way she would ever forgive him. He lay in the middle of the field miles from the city, staring up at the stars. How could he let the girl of his dreams just slip out from his hand like grains of sand? It all got taken from him as fast as he could blink, and he was not even sure what happened. He decided to look back on his mistakes, to see if there was any way to somehow get her back. The happy couple gets home from their honeymoon with enormous smiles on their faces. They had been with just each other for a whole two weeks, so they still did not want to converse with anyone except each other. At this very moment, no one else existed. They were captivated by each other, still ecstatic from two weeks in heaven. It truly was a love like you see in the movies; absolutely perfect. Sam had quite a bit of money saved up, so therefore he bought a house made completely of glass. The house was on the beach, but was separated from other houses. The reason for this separation was because this huge house was made out of glass, and if it were not separated from other people, Sam and Anna would have no privacy. They enjoyed their private beach together, and lived a wonderful, perfect life. Sam would go out of town quite a bit for work-related reasons, but Anna...
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