Thoreau Economy

Topics: Walden, Henry David Thoreau, Concord, Massachusetts Pages: 5 (1672 words) Published: January 24, 2013

Thoreau was a writer like no other. In March 1865 he decided to build a log cabbing by walden pond. He built this cabin in Massachusetts in a town called Concord. He builds this cabin to as a personal experiment. He was using this cabin as a tool to transcend from the society. He had his mind made up and put into detailed focus that he would find out everything there is to discover about humans. The reason why he built the log cabin away from everyone is because he thought that the only way for him to focus was to get away from everyone. He didn't want to have anything on his mind bothering him. He didn't want any daily errand or concerns taking away his focus. Thoreau didn't want to be swayed by any of the materialism. He no longer wanted to be caught in the trending narrow mined society we lived in.

Around Thoreau is the Walden pond and the seasonal changes nature goes through. He briefly takes an observation of the little things in life for about two years. Thoreau spends sometime transcending by observing animals that lived around him. He also did some farming and began to appreciate all the plant life and flowers surrounding him. Thoreau actually got arrested and put into jail for not paying taxes after going into the town. Thoreau wasn't running low on money at all when he had to pay these taxes.

Thoreau didn't pay the taxes because the moral of why he had to pay the taxes and where they were going too. He wanted everyone to do the same as well and not to support such a cause. He knew that the money for the taxes went to funding the mexican war in 1846. The thought to go to war wasn't something Thoreau supported. He didn't see the purpose in seizing land from a slow growth country. His belief was that the war was to support the slaveholders and there mission to expand into captured Mexican territory.

Thoreau went deeply in to contemplation about life. He did a lot of thinking in his isolation. He often had entertainment come over from settlers , a philosopher, hunters, farmers, and laborers. Through all these people he gained knowledge about all the entire area's history. He spent a lot of time with nature to visiting many ponds like White and Flint's pond. Thoreau visits local farms and ends up staying at the Baker farm with a family. Soon winter comes and he starts finishing up his cabin by adding a chimney. He transcends into how the seasons have changed and trees have shaded into different colors. The pond began to freeze and he observes the process by which it does so. He is fascinated with how the earth itself melted before his very eyes. He talks about the spring and changes, like the new birds , pine tree pollination and animals. Thoreau deeply begins to be at happy and at peace with the natural world.

Through Thoreau's entire writing he uses "I" since its his own personal experience and life he is writing about to readers. He spends all this time on his himself. He spends it all every second figuring out himself because it is fulfilling and interesting. He thinks that the everyday worker spends time working so hard but they don't get any lesson or fulfillment out of their hard work. Man to Thoreau is trapped and programmed like a machine to slave for there jobs. The man who works terribly hard lives a "life of quiet desperation". They don't live happily and are upset mostly because they are accustomed to working all the time. Man who works cannot transcend and actually enjoy the greatest things that life has to offer.

By living life by Walden pond he could transcend and figure out a happier and better way of survival. Thoreau also meets the group of people out there and they represent different personalities. Instead of living in the robotic like society, you meet many interesting people in the outskirts. He met totally different people all with different traits and gifts. His personal experience with each and every person was unique, rather that the normally trained and narrow...
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