Thor Versus Loki: An Analysis

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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English 101
25 April 2013
Thor vs. Loki
“Since every hero story is essentially a transformation story, we need to see the hero changed at the end, resurrected into a new type of life” (Seger 390). Even in the story of life every person goes through at least one transformation that changes them into who they are. Americans in this culture are desperately trying to find themselves and search for a deeper meaning in their lives. In the movie Thor, the main theme of transformation is present in the other intertwining themes of trying to prove one’s self and maturing. “I have no plans to die today” (Thor). This line is confidently said by Thor right before he disobeys his father and goes to fight the frost giants. It also exhibits the immaturity and selfishness of Thor in the beginning of the movie. His battle with the frost giants shows that Thor was trying to fight a battle that he did not fully understand. He chose to disobey his father to prove that he was going to be a good king and fight for the people of Asgard. Ironically, this sort of action was the exact opposite of the good for Asgard. Many people in our society believe that their actions are good for their town or country, when in actuality their actions, just like Thor’s, have a negative impact. The negative impacts of Thor’s actions were only intensified by the amount of power that he irresponsibly used. Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir is the source of his power. The scene where all the residents of the small town in New Mexico have gathered around the hammer trying to be the one to pull it out is reminiscent of King Arthur’s sword. “… the postmodern worldview holds that it is no longer possible or desirable to create new images; rather, one surveys the vast range of available images that mass culture has to offer, and repeats them, but with a difference” (Massik and Solomon 368). This scene illustrates the repeated images theory. Both the hammer and the sword held extreme power for the one who...
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