Thomas J. Watson Sr.

Topics: Thomas J. Watson, IBM, Binghamton University Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Many people have contributed to the history of computing. Which, many have worked for major computer companies and others may have invented something for computer technology. One of those important people that contributed to the history of computing is Thomas John Watson Sr. Thomas Watson was born on February 17, 1874 in New York. He grew up in the city of Campbell as a country boy. Thomas attended Adison Academy, and also took a short course in the Elmira School of Commerce and became a salesman in Painted Post, New York. In 1898, Watson was a salesman in the NCR (National Cash Register) Company. As the years passed he became a better salesman and was growing up the production of the company that he became the general sales manager. Having a dispute over a legal issue Thomas Watson left the National Cash Register Company in 1913. He became part of a small firm called computing-Tabulating-Recording Company as the president in May 1, 1914. This firm was a small “holding company” which it controlled four other small firms that produced a punch-card tabulator, time clocks, and other machines” (Bookrags, Thomas Watson). “Watson’s first tasks with his new firm involved the negotiation of a loan for expansion. Thomas Watson embraced the concept of research and development, and much of the borrowed funds went into an engineering laboratory” (Bookrags, Thomas Watson). In 1924, Thomas renamed the business to International Business Machines (IBM). “IBM owned and leased more than 90 percent of all tabulating machines in the United States at the time” (Wikipedia). This company became a virtual monopoly, because of its patents and because the firm chose to rent its equipment rather than sell it. Thomas Watson was elected president of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in 1937. “World Peace Through World Trade” became the slogan of both the ICC and IBM” (Wikipedia). IBM was founded and had major plants that IBM provided land and funding for Triple Cities...
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