Thomas Ziehe's Thesis: Egocentrism

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Ziehes thesis is that there are three cultural trends which have reinforced opvækstens egocentrism. Egocentrism should be understood in line with Piaget's theory of toddlers preoperational thinking that young children "... it hard to understand how a given situation will look like from another person's point of view." See trebjerge trial or walk through town trial. It is a way to perceive and know the world, and this way of thinking is, according Ziehes thesis enhanced due to the three trends. The opposite of egocentrism called decentralization, which is to be able to change perspective, to perceive and know that things are different in appearance depending on what the starting point is, and that other people perceive and recognize different from oneself. This can be understood in line with Donald Winnicotts theory of object relations that in the event a child is comforted by his mother, and when the mother is no longer there, the child may still need comfort. This creates a frustration that forced him to take care of themselves, thereby creating child transitional objects such as teddy bear who can comfort which the child builds up an inner personality structure, "... who can do the same as originally external objects to do . "    The point of the distinction is now to the increased gain of egocentrism causes the young catcher is their own world in which the ability to recognize differences become weaker, which can trigger an inappropriate way of thinking that is so to speak no more sides of the same coin.

"They work in the outer world, as much as it is now necessary, but it is not important to them."

The centerpiece of Ziehes thesis is that we need a discourse against identitetsdiksursen so that students are more open and less closed. "The young ... identify themselves with a specific idea of ​​how they should be." Therefore Ziehe the view that adolescents respond dismissive of experiences that are alien. They are uncomfortable...
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