Thomas Tsai Conflict

Topics: Study skills, Want, Homework Pages: 3 (1338 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Have you ever been committed to so many people or have to take so many class for college, that you have to drop a class to make more room and be less stress out? There is a student that has the same problem and his name is Thomas Tsai. He move here from china when he was seven and he plan to major in business accounting. He has overcommitted himself with Five class which is Introduction to Accounting, History of Immigrants in California, Intermediate Math, Study Skills, and Introduction to Reading and Writing. He is also working at his parent book store for about ten to fifteen hours. As Advisor for the college, Thomas has come to me for assistance to ask what class he should drop. I will suggest that he cut back some hour from work to focus on school but his parents need him to help around the book store. That leave him with one chose is to drop a class. I recommend that Thomas should drop his History of Immigrants in California because it is not a requirement to achieve his goal of majoring in Business accounting.

I believe he should keep his Introduction to Accounting because it works toward his major. Nevertheless the class his a few disadvantage. The teacher is soft spoken so it can be hard to hear certain think. It hard for him to pay attention to the lecture, which can makes it hard to do homework. So to do his homework he has to look at his note and he has to look in the book which can be a time consuming. There is also lot of reading and homework involve which is time consuming. He can take this class later and not have class on Tuesday and Thursday. However, taking the class can show what his major can be like and if he should pursuit or change his major. He will need this class for his current major since this class is require classes for his major. He will have to sequence of accounting class and this is just the start because there is 4 class he has to take to gain the major he wants. This subject is interesting to him and he got a B on his most...
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