Thomas Tsai

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Thomas Tsai is a first year student at Coast Community College who wants to major in business accounting and plans on transferring to Coast State University. Thomas has come to me for assistance I am an advisor at Coast Community and he needs help choosing what class he should drop. He works ten to fifteen hours per week to help his mom and dad at their family book and stationery store. Right now Thomas has a heavy course load this semester which consist of five classes Introduction to Accounting, Chinese Immigration to California, Intermediate Math, Study Skills, and Introduction to Reading and Writing.

Introduction to Reading and Writing is a class Thomas Tsai is currently taking this semester. Coming into the class Thomas isn’t very good at English which is something crucial because English is not his first language so he would struggle in the class. Out of all his classes this class is the most time consuming. There is also homework everyday and weekly quizzes which would make want to drop this class. However Thomas enjoys the class since he likes reading, thinking, and writing. This will allow him to do the work. Also this class is also the first four classes in a sequence that he needs to finish before he can graduate.

Intermediate Math was Thomas least favorite class and still is. Thomas math teacher is terrible he talks in a really boring voice which results in Thomas falling asleep in the class. Also he has received a D on the first math test this semester. This shows how much Thomas struggles in this class. He also puts off his math homework aside for last since he hates it so much but this is a class Thomas must keep. For instance, Thomas is planning on getting a degree in business accounting which he will need math for. Intermediate math will also help him improve his math skills for his major. Omar, a friend of Thomas is also in the same class so he would be able to help him with the work as he’s taking the class.

Study skills,...
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