Thomas Tsai

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Thomas Tsai, an overcommitted student

Thomas Tsai is a freshman at Coast Community College. However, because he is overcommitted with school and is also obligated to work in the family owned business, he is going through a lot of stress. As a result of this, he is facing many issues with his classes. As an academic advisor, my job is to look at his major, and the classes he needs to take and eventually come to a decision on which class he should drop. Thomas and his family emigrated from China to America when he was 7 years old. Thomas hopes to obtain a major in business accounting and then wants to transfer to Coast state University, so that he could be useful in his family’s business. If Thomas doesn’t take care of this problem he is at risk of ruining his GPA which will affect his financial aid. Math has always been a struggle for Thomas because he has hated math since high school and claims that his teacher is terrible.

The first class that Thomas Tsai is taking is Chinese Immigration to California. This class is not required for Thomas’ major; however, it satisfies the history graduation requirement. Thomas feels a strong connection to the class and feels like it is a special class, which I think would relieve some of his stress, because it is like his meditation class that he is doing out of interest not because he has to. Thomas’ friend took the same class last year and told him that the class helped improve her writing skills, which is a positive thing for Thomas as he is struggling in his English class. However, the class is three times a week, which is a lot for a class that he does not need for his major, considering the fact that he is struggling in his other classes and needs more time to study. But on the other hand, I think that this class would help Thomas to

have more of an extrovert personality because it is making him feel more comfortable with his surroundings and this will benefit him in the family store,...
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