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Thomas Paine Timed Writing
Thomas Paine claims, in “Rights of Man”, that America is an unexpected union of different people, religions, and cultures. The essence of Paine’s argument is that America is a land where people of all cultures and races can live together under one government and one Constiution. I agree with Paine because these principles hold true today in American society.

America is filled with “people from different nations, accustomed to different life forms and habits of government…” (Paine). For instance, when you look at schools in America today, you can see the diversity of cultures and races. One person may be from Kenya and another student could be from India. Yet we all get along under the same government and the same laws no matter what our backgrounds may be. 37% of America is minority (African-American, Hispanic, Asian, etc). This shows that America is a huge melting pot of different races and cultures.

Of course, many will probably disagree with this assertion that America is still the same society today. They’ll argue that the taxes are too high for the middle and lower class and cut for the wealthy. This is the complete opposite of what Paine said. The opposers will also argue that the rich are privileged and receive special treatment. In recent studies, it turns out the rich are being taxed just as much as the lower classes, and they are even taxed even more excessively in some cases. This shows that the wealthy are in the same situation as the rest of America. America, in all its diversities and financial situations, acts as one. We are one nation under God.

Paine is important because he shows the readers of his book that America shouldn’t have happened. That there was no way people of different backgrounds could come together to form a union, a United States. Yet in his book, Paine explains that American society exhibits a sort of fellowship between all races living in America. In today’s society this still holds true. We...
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