Thomas Paine's Common Sense

Topics: American Revolution, British Empire, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Thomas Paine Common Sense Analysis Honors English 11


1.Thomas Paine found it absurd that an island like Britain would rule a strong continent like America. He expresses his discomfort at the fact that Parliament was in London while still ruling over America, as well as treating its colonists unjustly, and how due to this, American colonies would eventually be dragged into European powers that were not of their concern. He claims that the colonies were run by the British government for the benefit of Britain, not for the benefit of the colonies or colonists. 2.The main argument in support of continued membership to Britain claimed that it would be an advantage because Britain would serve as a sort of protection. Being the “mother country” it would protect America. Thomas Paine was quick to turn this argument down by stating that the colonies and colonists were treated unjustly, and that even if Britain were the “mother country” of America, that made her actions all the more horrendous, “for no mother would harm her children so brutally.” 3.Thomas Paine says it is necessary for one no longer continue membership of the British Empire because he not only found it absurd for an island to rule a continent like America, but also because of the harsh treatment it receives from its “mother country.” He also dislikes the fact that Parliament is situated in Europe, and how if any political matters had to be taken to Parliament, it would take months and maybe even years to get them resolved. 4.I believe Thomas Paine uses a mixture of Pathos and Ethos. 5.I believe it is apparent in the whole pamphlet that Paine uses an emotional, yet persuasive/credible tone. He is speaking of how unjustly all the colonies/colonists are being treated, speaking in terms even of a mother and child, and attempts to persuade Americans of how they are better off independent from Britain.


Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine and anonymously published on...
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