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Topics: Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana Purchase, Aaron Burr Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: September 30, 2012
I. Thomas Jefferson a) Born: April 13 th , 1743 Goochland, VA b) Died: July 4 th , 1826, Monticello,

II. VA Educational and Occupational Background

a) College of William and Mary
b) VA delegate to Continental Congress (1783-1784)
c) VA House of Burgesses (1769-1774)
d) Governor of VA (1779-1791)
e) Minister of France
f) Secretary of State for George Washington (1790-1793)
g) Vice President for John Adams (1797-1801)

III. Terms of Office
a) First term: 1801-1805
b) Second term: 1805-1809
IV. Prominent Election Issues
a) First term: Thomas Jefferson is noted as Democratic- Republican. He was challenged by Aaron Burr, a Democrat. Jefferson and Burr were both tied with 73 votes each. The House of Representatives decided who would win; with Hamilton’s diligent campaign, Jefferson was selected over Burr after 35 ballots. b) Second term: Thomas Jefferson and his running mate, Charles Pinckney a federalist. c) The Democratic-Republicans and Federalists argued about who they wanted to have a closer relationship with. Democratic-Republicans tended to side with France while the Federalists sided with Great Britain d) John Adams passed THE Alien and Sedition Acts, the Democratic-Republicans believed that it violated states’ rights. e) Central focus in the election was States’ rights versus Federal power. V. Opponents

a) First Election: John Jay, and Aaron Burr
b) Second Election: Charles Pinckney.
VI. Vice President
a) First term: Aaron Burr
b) Second term: George Clinton
VII. Political Party: Democratic Republican Major
VIII. Domestic Happenings:
a) Thomas Jefferson Becomes President. 1801
b) Amendment 12 ratified: Created the use of separate ballots for president and vice president. The candidate with the greatest number of votes for each office will be elected. If the majority vote for presidents is lacking, the House of Representatives would vote by state from among the three highest...
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