Thomas Jefferson and His Mistress

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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An American Conspiracy
Thomas Jefferson: a very prominent name in American history, better known as one of the four founding fathers. He is noted for numerous successful tasks that shaped the United States of America’s birth. What could such a great man ever do wrong? All things pure have been cleansed, luckily for Thomas Jefferson, who was the antagonist in a sexual scandal early in American history. Jefferson was involved in a relationship with one of his fellow slaves that still have lose ends waiting to be solved. Today, we know for a fact that there were relations between Thomas Jefferson and his mulatto lady, Sally Hemings.

Born on April 13, 1743 on a Virginia plantation, a little boy who enjoyed nature and wondering the woods would later become one of the most intelligent politicians to ever grace America. ("BIO:Thomas Jefferson.") Jefferson grew up with a superb education due to his father’s success and prosperity. He attended boarding school as an adolescent and then left his town to be enrolled at William and Mary College where he studied math, rhetoric, literature, philosophy and law. Following college, Jefferson was admitted to the Virginia Bar in April of 1767 and was immediately recognized as one of the “nation’s best legal minds.” Even though Thomas Jefferson had superb success as president, he had many other successes prior to his term. In 1774, he is noted for writing the pamphlet “A Summary View of Rights of British America” which briefly discusses independence from the mother country, Great Britain, and foreshadows the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. Then, Jefferson was appointed to the Second Continental Congress in 1776; here Jefferson was nominated to write the Declaration of Independence. Prior to his presidency, Jefferson also was a part of the Virginia House of Delegates where he supported abolishing primogeniture, religious freedom, separation between church and state, and free public education. During the American...
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