Thomas Hobbes

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Early life
* Thomas Hobbes was born in London England on the 5th of April 1588. He was named after he’s father who was a disreputable clergy in his home town. His father later abandoned him and had to be taken care by his older brother * At age four Hobbes was educated at Westport church and later sent to a private school to complete his elementary and secondary education. * In 1602 Hobbes left for post-secondary education to study classics in Oxford University England, while in university he followed his own curriculum and not the professor and later completed his B.A degree until 1608. * After his college education he travelled to other European countries to study science and different form of government. During his time of explore Hobbes wondered why people continue to accept being ruled and he tried to come up with a different form of government in England. * In 1651 he wrote a book called Leviathan where he talked about human are naturally wicked and couldn’t be trusted to govern. Political Impact

* Hobbes believed humans are naturally selfish creatures and would do anything to be of high power, and human beings shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions on their own. So also he believes nations were just in constant battle with one another to gain power and wealth, Hobbes once stated that “If men are naturally in state of war, why do they always carry arms and why do they have keys to lock their doors?” *

Did u know?
* Hobbes was born prematurely when his mother heard there’s going to be an invasion in England, and he believes his a twin because his mother gave birth to him and fear. * He tutored William Cavendish son while in University.

* Known as the father who of modern political philosophy.
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