Thoery of Evolution

Topics: Human evolution, Human, Hominidae Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: December 17, 2012
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the theory of evolution shows great amount of how species change over time. However, biologists cannot find a specific moment of time of when did the humankind came into being. So, how did humankind begin? well, the typical place to look at species that are similar to humans, or to be more precise, creatures that have the same genus as humans. And this genus is called homo which comes from the Latin word meaning "human." Many scholars have stated that Homo habilis which means handy is a species that chipped hand axes from stones 2 and half million years ago, is the first human species. because scholars define humans as toolmakers, and for that reason Homo Habilis according to scholars was considered the first humankind. Than later on anthropologists said Homo erects "standing upright." classified as the first human mostly because how they carved tools and weapons. Than about 800,000 years ago, Homo eragaster which means "workman," this species that buried their dead. Unfortonately, these species only resembles humans but doesn't mean they are the first human. They are just based on opinions. Than, later was discovered another species that occurred much earlier than the "homo" species. They were called Australopithecines, before this name they were called pithecanthropus which means "ape-men," scholars denied that they might have been related to humans. Than came Dan Johansen an archaeologist, proved them wrong and found bones of an australopithecine woman in Hadar in Ethiopia in East Africa. He even named her Lucy, lucy was only 3 feet tall and had died about 3 million years ago. he found qualities and characteristics that later belonged to the later species of Homo. He found that Australopithecines walked on two legs and lived in groups of family. And Johansen found tools near the site that was about 2.5 million years old. He also found 3.7 million years bipedal footprints. Than later on came species species who resembled humans...
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