This I Believe Essay- Making the Most Out of Time

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Making the Most Out of Time

The one person whom I will always consider my best friend is my mother. She raised me to be the young and confident woman that I am today. Without her guidance I feel as if I would’ve turned out to be a completely different person. But on March 25th, 2007, I lost my best friend, mentor and role model to ovarian cancer. I was in deep distraught for years after I lost my mother. It especially hurt when I would remember all of the jovial moments that we shared together. Eventually I came to a life altering realization: I didn’t have to live disheartened and miserable like I was forever. I found a way to put all of the countless great memories that I made with her into positive use.

I believe that you should enjoy the time that you have with people regardless of how long or brief your encounter is with them. When they’re gone, don’t recall on those happy moments you had with them out of sorrow, but use them to comfort you in their absence. It will always hurt because no matter how long you’ve had with someone that you care about, you will always want more time. You can’t live in regret though because as cliché as this may sound, you just have to be glad that you were given the chance to know them.

My mom and I had a close relationship in which we told each other everything, watched our favorite television show “Gilmore Girls” together and went on numerous exciting road trips. Especially after she was diagnosed we made sure to fill every single day with activities just like these. We made the most out of the amount of time we were blessed with. It was frustrating when I had to finally witness my mother take her last few breaths because I knew that there was nothing in my power that I could do to preserve her life. I still miss her to immeasurable amounts, but it hurts less and less each day as my grief is slowly being replaced with fond memories.

It’s hard to watch someone so close to you slowly fade away and die. However, in...
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