This I Believe

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Lesne, Carly
Period 6
“This I Believe”
Semper Fidelis “Always Faithful”

What do I believe? There are few things in life that I believe in and there are even fewer people that I can believe, but I am extremely emotional when it comes to expressing them. They are things that I think I will hold on to believing all my life. All of my beliefs have come from some harsh experiences with people, mostly family, who have come and gone throughout my life.

I strongly believe in second chances; everyone deserves another shot. As a toddler I would always be sitting off to the side, watching and learning. When I got older I started to follow what I had seen. I saw my mom forgive my dad every time he verbally abused and mistreated our family, trusting his lies and hoping he would do better. I’ve seen my brother forgive my dad after he refused to even meet him when he was a already almost grown. Now as I grow up, they watch me trust everyone without a doubt and forgive anyone who asks for another chance.

Trust and faithfulness are big things to me because I believe in looking for the good in people, even after they have given me reason not to. I don’t care who it is, family or even a stranger, if I get backstabbed or broken, I try again with them and trust that this time around things will be better. In junior high I let a boy into my life and my heart, let him make his promises and then break them, then let him back in. I’ve never regretted letting him back in though because I learned that trusting people with everything I have makes them not want to break it that much more.

Moving on is the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to do in my life. I believe that it is hard to wait around for something you know might never happen, but it's even harder to give up on it when it's everything you've ever wanted. It seems like moving on to most people is easy; they just run as far away as they can from their problem. When I am forced to decide to either face the facts,...
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