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Topics: Teacher, Teaching method, Language education Pages: 12 (2534 words) Published: March 4, 2013

Teaching & Teaching Method of Teacher
(A Case Study of Union Council Hero Shah Tehsil Dargai, Malakand )

Submitted by

Humaira Bibi
B.E.d Student
Roll No: 746
Advisor: Sir Farhad Ali Shah


Certified that the contents and form of the project entitled, “Teaching & Teaching Method of teacher (A case study of union council Hero Shah Tehsil Dargai, Malakand)” submitted by Ms. Humaira Bibi, a student of B. Ed., Roll No. 746, have been found satisfactory for the requirements of the Degree of Bachelor of Education.

Supervisor: ____________________________

External Examiner: _____________________

Dated: _____________

Chairman: ________________________________ (Department of Education, AWKUM) UNDERTAKING BY THE STUDENT

I, Ms. Humaira Bibi, student of B.Ed. session: 2012-13 hereby declare that my Project entitled “Teaching & Teaching Method of teacher (A case study of union council Hero Shah Tehsil Dargai, Malakand)”submitted for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Education, is my original work and has not been copied, wholly or partially, from another research work/report/thesis/article/paper. And that it has not been presented for any other degree and would not be presented for another degree in future by me or someone else. I understand that my doing so would render me liable to relevant disciplinary action by the Abdul Wali Khan University.

Signature of the Student: ____________________________

Signature of the Supervisor: _________________________

Dated: __________________

Principal: _______________________________________ (National College of Physical Education, Mardan)


In the Name of Allah,

The Most Merciful, the Compassionate;
Whose Help and Guidance We Always Solicit at Every Step, at Every Moment.


I dedication this humble effort to my parents whose cooperation, love and affection made me able to receive education up to this level and whose prayer have been a source of my content encouragement



Innumerable thanks to the Almighty Allah “Who taught human beings what they knew not”. Hundreds of thanks to Prophet Muhammad the benefactor of humanity, who from the cave of Hera conveyed the message of (IQRA) from the grave dirges to the Human beings and he who allowed the world with supreme mission of Islam the echoes of Hera were convey to us by the true follower of Muhammad (SAW) and his pious and celebrated descendents, the teachers, (the true companions). I also extend my gratitude to my respected Sir Farhad Ali Shah, advisor of the project and to the principal who guided me at every step. Where ever I felt some difficulty their guidance was found.

Humaira Bibi


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