This Paper Is on More Proposed Performance Evaluation System to I...

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This Paper Is on More Proposed Performance Evaluation System to Implement in a Sri Lankan University

By | May 2011
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(With special reference to Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka)

MMS 5202 – Human Resource Management
Assignment 2 (Individual)
Lecturer – Dr. G.G. Aruna Shantha

U. Chathurika Edirisinghe
Student No - 5266FM2010 - 018

Word Count - 5707

MBA/MPM/M Sc in Management Degree Program-2010

Context of the Study
Theoretical Background
Human Resource Issue Identification
The Current Promotional Scheme for academics.
Current Increment Offering System
Weaknesses of the Current System
Recommendation for A New Performance Evaluation System.
Proposal for a Performance Evaluation System.
Constraints/Limitation of the Proposed System.


“What get measured get managed” this simple rule has proved to be empirical truth with regard to the behavior human being in most of the environmental context. Though managing people, managing performance, measuring performance have been corporate issues addressed by management of private sector long ago it is yet not the issue in prominence in Sri Lankan government sector. This is not a fine indicator of the performance of public sector and provides enough justifications for the continuous criticisms on inefficiencies of public sector.

Higher education sector is one of the few sectors still holding a monopoly power by the public sector. Though inefficiencies could be passed to its beneficiaries/clients/customers under such am circumstance this sector cannot have that luxuries for long. With the current governments attempt to initiate private sector universities the public universities is now on a hot seat with the pressure to improve their performance and eliminate their inefficiencies. Therefore performance measurement and performance evaluation is high in its importance to this specific sector.

Thus the study is an effort to critically evaluate the promotion and...

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