(This Is a Short Story Composed by a Student in 2009, as a Prequel to "By the Waters of Babylon") in the Beginning Before It All Went Down

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(This is a short story composed by a student in 2009, as a prequel to "By the Waters of Babylon") In The Beginning Before It All Went Down

I just got to my apartment from the grocery store and I was fumbling through my keys looking for the one that says 1408. That key happened to be my apartment key. I had a magnificent view from my window since I lived on the fourteenth flour of the Manhattan building. This also happened to be the top floor. I checked my mail box next to my door that said Tom Broadway on it, but there wasn’t anything in there. As I walked through my door way I set my twelve gauge Remington semi automatic shotgun down next to the door and turned on the TV. The news was on and it was talking about the rumors of the nuclear warfare and the panic it caused and then I heard a knock at the door. I leaned forward and got out of my lazy boy recliner. As I walked to the door cautiously with ease I grabbed my gun. I made sure my safety was off; I made sure I had one in the chamber. I then assumed it to the ready position by putting it to my broad shoulder and said “Who is it?” in a very assertive voice.

The man replied back “It’s just the mail man here to give u your mail, sorry its late.”
I then hung the gun to my side and unlocked my door and opened it carefully, then the man outside my door kicked it in. the door hit me and knocked me off balance a little. I saw him pull out his hand gun it happened to be a Colt .45 model 1911 so I sprinted towards him and grabbed his hand and pointed the gun away from me. As we were struggling for supremacy over the gun he let off a round that whizzed by my head. At that moment my adrenaline kicked in at full potential and I slammed his hand against the door way viciously and repetitively until I broke the trim off around the door facing and he dropped the gun so then I kicked it away. I then brought my twelve gage into firing position and squeezed the trigger rapidly until I was completely out of...
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