This Is the Type of Training That Police Officers Do

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal law Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: March 20, 2013
This is the type of training that police officers do: first, they have classroom instruction where the recruits learn the state's laws, and criminal justice system basics. Laws that are covered include criminal law, and federal law enforcement procedures. They learn how to write a summons, how to book people, and how to present their case in court. They also learn how to deal with citizens, so they learn conflict resolution and interpersonal communications. They also learn how to conduct basic investigations. Then they go thru physical fitness and hands on Training which is this: the recruits run at least four times a week and do weight resistance training. As each week progresses, the running distance is increased until they are doing 5 mile runs. In addition to regular physical fitness, the recruits spend every week learning self-defense and different fighting techniques. They run through obstacle courses that incorporate obstacles that slow the recruits down. They also learn arrest procedures and apply it to each other. Then they go thru Firearm Training: which is this: the recruits obtain safety lessons on every weapon the police department uses. The type of weapons they used is different between states; but the 9-millimeter and shotgun are common firearms. Recruits are given the opportunity to fire their weapons on the range, then to get proficient with each of the weapons. In addition to firing at still targets on the firing range, students go through a "mock up" of different standoff situations. They go through these mock ups as if they were dealing with armed criminals. Then they go thru Vehicle Operations where the recruits drive on a course that simulates most the conditions that they will meet in the field. Students learn defensive driving, as well as driving while communicating with other police officers. Here are the age and physical requirements for the police officers: they must beat least 21 years old to join and be able to do 24 push-ups and 35...
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