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Topics: Extracurricular activity, Higher education, Education Pages: 2 (852 words) Published: December 10, 2012
I am applying for the Parkdale Sholarship Award and believe that I am a very good candidate for it. I am sure and certainly hope that you would think the same after reading my essay. I would like you to consider my furutre plans, my involvement in co-curricular activities at school and why I deserve and am a good candidate for the Parkdale Scholarship Award before you make your decision. In school I participate in lots of extra curricular activities. To name some, I was picked to be part of the Red Maple Reading Club (Gr. 7), the Design Tech. Team (Gr. 7 & 8), and the Tech. Team. The Tech. Team is led by Mr. Laing and the students picked to be part of the team are supposed to go around the school and fix computers. To make this possible, Mr. Laing had to make another account that had all, or almost all, the powers a computer administrator would have, and he gave us the password to it. Which is why he only picked the people he really trusted. And I was one of them. The Design Tech. Team was led by Mr. Kanalec and was to participate in a building competetion against other schools. I was picked to be part of the group of 4 that was going to go to _________________ to compete. The challenge was complicated but we managed to build a great prototype of the device that performed the functions required. Both this year and last year I got the first On-A-Roll. The On-A-Roll certificate is given to the students who work hard, try their best and show a positive attitude. And me getting the first On-A-Roll shows that I am hardworking and have a positive attitude towards school, my classmates and towards education and learning. I am a hardworking student, and always try my best to achieve my best. The main reason for why I, my siblings and my parents came to Canada was education. And I am very serious about education and work hard to get to where I want to be. If you compare my grades from Gr.6, which was my first year in Canada, with my Gr. 8 grades you will see the...
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