This Is My Most Important Event in My Life

Topics: Family, Mind, Thought Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: March 26, 2013
A Significant Event
I think in a human life, everyone has a significant event that they can't forget. Mine is a poignant farewell party where I said good-bye to my family, my relatives, and my friends. Everyone was laughing and telling funny stories, but I wanted to be alone.  I sat on the roof of my house and looked at the stars.  It was very hard to leave. I knew I loved them so much and I didn’t truly want to go to the U. S.; however, I decided I must go and make my own future. I realized that this was my chance to build my career which would benefit me and my family. It was an emotional evening. I will always remember it. It was a lovely day with a sunny morning, a cloudy afternoon, and a windy evening. That morning, I went to the America Embassy for an appointment with the delegate for an interview to receive my F-1 Visa. Maybe it was my lucky day. There were many people who wanted to get a Visa that day. I had waited more than three hours in the waiting room for my turn. I was nervous about what he would ask me. But the interview was easier than I thought. I passed it with a smile on my face. When my father knew I had passed the interview, he was really happy. He told me he would organize a big farewell party for me, and he did it. He invited all of our relatives and friends. Then we prepared everything for the upcoming party together. When all of us were in my house, we separated two groups. One went to market to buy food and beverages. Another group went to the bakery to buy a big farewell cake. We attended the farewell party with a happy atmosphere. During the evening, we took photos and sang the songs we loved. We had a feast with a diverse menu, which included appetizers, main dishes and the desserts. We were joking while we were cooking and eating. The meal was good, but I really enjoyed our affection for each other. After the dinner, we went to the living room to continue the party with playing cards and video games. After a while, my grandpa...
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