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  • Published : August 16, 2013
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Draft: Dealing with the Drama: DO’S & DON’TS

While high school can be a fun experience where you meet new people, try new things and at the same time get the opportunity to educate yourselves. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. High school can also be a tough place with mean girls and boys, exclusion, awkward stages and more gossip then you ever know what to do with. What is the biggest known fear that lurks in the most unlikely places ready to pounce on you and steal away your soul? That’s right, it’s the drama. If you’ve got a lot going on already, it best to stay away from the ‘drama’tic dangers of high school. Be grateful because it can be dealt with. Do’s

1. Start the day with a smile.
If you start the day in a complete foul mood and end up ready to strangle anyone who is a nuisance to you. Forget it. You’ll regret it later. Being in that state of emotion will attract the drama queens to you like the opposite ends of a magnet. They love an easy target especially when your reactions are going to be priceless gossip news soon after. If you are in a bad mood, don’t show it especially if you know those gossip goddesses are going to be around.

2. Tell the truth
If you have the tendency to lie, then that habit must be stopped first or else drama will be a never ending, no exit highway for you. Telling the truth is really important especially when it is the reason to end ridiculous rumours that are being whispered here and there. If someone asks you “did you do this?” be truthful. Honesty is the golden key to friendship and if your key is faulty, the same goes to your situation.

3. Let yourself be the last listening.
Yes, if you ever hear any sort of news, gossip and rumours about others personal lives. Leave it. If you didn’t witness it than you have no idea of knowing what really happened. Let the news/gossip/rumour end with you. Going around telling every species in sight won’t make you any better than anyone else. Be the...
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