This Is My Comfort Zone

Topics: Want, Change, Live My Life Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: July 19, 2011
By: Anthony Lee Steward

Class: PSY 101

“If This Is My Comfort Zone” By Charles Burke Book Review

Have you ever read a book that changes the way, in which you live and feel about your life? After reading the brilliant book, “If This Is My Comfort Zone,” by Charles Burke, I did change the way that I feel and portray my life completely. In this brilliant forty-two-page book, you should expect not only to reflect on your life, but also quite possibly change the way you live your life. Charles Burke not only challenges you throughout the book to become a better person and challenge obstacles that you may have faced or might face, but he gives you the guidance that you will need to complete these obstacles. Throughout the seven contents of the book I felt I connected to the book, had personal experience related to the book, and can reflect on the insight of the book as well.

In the first few chapters, Charles Burke challenges you step out of your comfort zone, make changes, and find promise in your failures. I feel that I connect and relate well to these points in its entirety. As a person I never generally made decisions on my own, I would always look for someone to make it for me. A prime example would be that, I’m 22 years old now and in my first semester of school. I never excelled in school because I never felt the need. No one helped me to apply for colleges, and why should they, so I didn’t go to college like most of my other friends. Instead, I found myself working odd jobs that obviously had no future. On page 8, Burke said, “nothing changes for you because there are things you still refuse to do, things you can’t change.” I agree completely with this quote, and I might not be able to change the time I wasted these last four years, but now I stepped out of my comfort zone and am now am attending college.

When I got to the middle of the book and read the...
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