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Offer:Computer Consultancy Ref:TCSL/CT20110464775/Kolkata Date:28/09/2011 Ms. Saumya Nolastname Sector 12/A,Qr.No.1593, Bokaro , Bokaro Steel City-827012 Jharkhand Tel# 91-6542259780 Dear Saumya Nolastname, Sub: Letter of Offer Thank you for exploring career opportunities with TATA Consultancy Services Limited (TCSL). You have successfully completed our initial selection process and we are pleased to make you an offer. This offer is based on your profile and performance in the selection process. You have been selected for the position of Assistant System Engineer-Trainee in Grade Y. Your gross salary including all benefits will be `3,16,387/- per annum, as per the terms and conditions set out herein. The gross salary mentioned above is inclusive of the Variable Allowance becoming effective upon successful completion of the Initial Training Programme. Kindly confirm your acceptance of this offer online through the option 'Accept Offer letter'. If not accepted within 7 days, this offer is liable to lapse at the discretion of TCSL. After you accept this offer you will be given a joining letter indicating the details of your joining date and initial place of posting. You will also be issued a letter of appointment at the time of your joining after completing joining formalities as per company policy.

TCS Confidential TCSL/CT20110464775


COMPENSATION & BENEFITS BASIC SALARY You will be eligible for a basic salary of `9,700/- per month. BOUQUET OF BENEFITS (BoB) Bouquet of Benefits offers you the flexibility to design this part of your compensation within the defined framework, twice in a financial year. All the components will be disbursed on a monthly basis. The components under Bouquet of Benefits are listed below. The amounts given here for each of the components below are as per pre-defined structure. However you may want to re-distribute the BoB amount between the components as per your tax plan, once you join TCSL. To design your Bouquet of Benefits, you may access the link to BoB in the "Employee Self Service" link on "Ultimatix", the internal portal of TCSL. Taxation will be governed by the Income Tax rules. TCSL will be deducting tax at source as per income tax guidelines. 1. House Rent Allowance (HRA) Your HRA will be `3,880/- per month. While restructuring your BoB amount to various components, it is mandatory that at least 5% of monthly basic pay be allocated towards HRA. 2. Conveyance Allowance You will be eligible for a conveyance allowance of `800/- per month. 3. Leave Travel Allowance You will be eligible for annual Leave Travel Allowance which is equivalent to one month's basic salary or pro-rata amount, in case you join during the financial year. This will be disbursed on a monthly basis along with the monthly salary. To avail income tax benefits, you need to apply for a minimum of three days of leave and submit supporting travel documents. 4. Sundry Medical Reimbursement You will be eligible for reimbursement of sundry medical expenses incurred by you for you and your family. You are eligible for `6,000/- per annum, or a pro-rata amount in case you join TCS Confidential TCSL/CT20110464775 2

during the financial year. This will be disbursed on a monthly basis along with the monthly salary.To avail tax benefit you may submit medical bills for the same at the end of each calendar quarter. At the end of the financial year, the unavailed amount will be taxable. 5. Food Coupons You will be eligible for food coupons of `500/- per month. 6. Personal Allowance You will be eligible for a monthly personal allowance of `2,880/- per month. This component is subject to review and may change as per TCSL's compensation policy. VARIABLE COMPENSATION Variable Pay/Allowance Upon Successful completion of the Initial Training Programme as set out herein below, you will receive a Variable Pay/Allowance of `5,500/- per month, of which `4,950/- will be paid to you on a monthly basis. The remaining amount would be paid...
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