This Is England Worksheet

Topics: Skinhead, Emotion, Los Angeles Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: January 30, 2013

FILM: This is England

3. Place the words from exercise a. and b. with the characters below. Feel free to add words (and characters)

Woody| Lol (Woodys girlfriend)| Combo| Cynth (Shaun’s mother)| Supportive | Caring| Encouraging/Persuasive (Can be bad as seen here) | Caring | Involved| Responsible| Pressuring | Loving |

Caring| Loving | Abusive| Interested (in Shaun and his well being, as seen when he was bullied) | Tolerant | Accepting| Temperamental| Protective|
accepting| Understanding | Unaccepting (Race etc.) | Attentive| Welcoming | Regarding| Neglecter| Patience|
Reasonable| Supportive| Violent.| Helpful|
Communicative| Involved| Intolerant (Racist) | Understanding |

4. Shaun’s development:
Why do you think Shaun is attracted to Woody and his gang?

I think Shaun always felt a little outside, I believe that Shaun says at one point, that he was in Germany because of something related to his father, so it’s not unlikely to assume, that it could be military related, so taking that theory, we could imagine that Shaun perhaps spend a lot of time moving around, and then taking up this rude behaviour as already seen in the start, so he wouldn’t get to close to people, knowing that he most likely would just move away. Skinheads, draws many of their appearance from military culture, such as their boots and hair, so that could be a factor to why Shaun had this attraction towards woody and the gang, other factors could include that they were almost instantly accepting of him, and he really just wanted to belong somewhere, where is persona would be accepted.

5. Describe the development Shaun goes through in the film, and give examples of choices he makes which shape his development:

Shaun starts out as a kid, who has just lost one of the most important people in his life, to an event that is constantly being talked about, so the thoughts are always on his mind. Shaun goes from being a...
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