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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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How to be a Successful English Teacher!
(Warning: this essay was not meant to be taken seriously; no offense was intended about teacher strategies)

English is a very important subject, and will be needed throughout student’s lives. So it’s no surprise that English teachers have a very important role on student’s lives, and need to know the most effectives ways of teaching to be as beneficial as possible. This being said, here are some tips for English teachers that can increase the effectiveness of their teaching each day.

The first tip is plain and simple; it is to stay away from books. Books are boring. Sure, there are a few weird kids every now and then that like books, but as a junior in high school, I can assure you that most students dislike books. Now, you may be wondering “why does it matter to me what the kids like or dislike?” Well I’ll tell you why. The reason is that students succeed more often in subjects that they like. So if they are constantly having to read books, in their minds they’re getting the idea that English class sucks. This in return will cause them to care less, therefore try less. This leads us to the second tip, which is to let the students do something they enjoy. So know you’re probably wondering “what will the students enjoy that will have the same benefits as reading a book?” The answer is Twitter, which can be accessed by the student’s electronic devices. There is on average 400 million tweets uploaded every day which is more than enough reading to last a lifetime. And with their friends being able to tweet as well, students will be interested in what they’re reading, and will want to read faster and more efficiently to keep up with all the new things being said. This in return will cause them to care more, therefore try more in class. So remember, twitter is the answer, books are not. I hope these two tips help all the English teachers that get to read this paper. I also hope that you will see the dramatic...
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