This Girl Is Onfire

Topics: Rhetoric, Philip Zimbardo, Space Shuttle Challenger disaster Pages: 4 (652 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Persuasive Core Review- Sources for Core 2 Persuasive Piece

Items to think about/review when thinking about your claim and supporting points: • “Tools of the Trade”
o A process for Avoiding Deception
• Us vs. Them terms
o Prejudice
o Partisanship
o Provincialism
o Herd instinct
• Ethos, logos, pathos
o Ari wants to buy a pizza
o Boston Legal Clip
• Style notes- Audience and Purpose
o How we use editing, framing/shots, camera angles, Lighting, camera movement to achieve our purpose. • Tone words/Strong verbs
• Fallacies and Bias
o Five types of emotional arguments
o Five other types of fallacies

Persuasive Core Review- Sources that can be cited for Core 2:

• “Neat vs. Sloppy People” by Suzanne Britt
o Exploring personality types, the distinction is always moral o Makes generalizations in order to persuade us of her central claim: the distinction is always moral • “Separate Fact from Prejudice” By Lenard Pitts

o Narratives in your head of perceptions of how things are • For Mahammed Zeid of Gaza, Age 15
o “Stray bullet”
• “Homeless” Anna Quindlen
• “Calculated Risk” by K.C. Cole
o People are afraid of less risky actions when their daily activities pose far more risk • “Farewell to Baseball” by Lou Gehrig
• President Barak Obama – Back to School Speech
o Who is responsible for our education?
• “Crummy First Draft” by Anne Lamott
o How our mind tricks us into believing something that may not be true (her perception of her writing skills compared to the reality of her skills) • “ The War of the Words” Newsweek article by Jerry Adler o How we change words or phrases to get the outcome we want: “Global Warming” vs. “Greenhouse Effect” “Estate tax vs. death tax” • “The Ways We Lie” by Stephanie Ericsson

o 10...
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