This Essay Will Look at the Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Social Impacts Upon an Adolescent Male

Topics: Erik Erikson, Developmental psychology, Puberty Pages: 5 (1740 words) Published: October 9, 2011
This essay will look at the physical, cognitive, emotional and social impacts upon an adolescent male featured within the supplied case study. The physical changes impacting on Chris as a 15 year old would be those usually associated with puberty. His muscle structure is changing, for example his shoulders will be broadening and he will be experiencing growth spurts and possibly growing pains associated with them. His hair may become greasy if not washed regularly and he will also be developing facial and pubic hair and perhaps hair on his chest. His voice has not long broken so he may still be getting used to that as well. His testicles should have dropped into his scrotum and he may be experiencing wet dreams and uncontrollable erections as his body adapts to the onslaught of hormonal changes. There are also changes to the makeup of his skin he may have problems with spots or acne. He may also develop BO as his sweat glands will put out pheromones as well as sweat and this will create an odour if he doesn’t wash regularly. The changes that happen throughout puberty have a huge impact on young adolescent males and being one of the last in his class to go through them then Chris may be feeling that he has fallen behind his classmates. The impact of all these physical changes happening later for him than his peer group may well be low self esteem, shy, awkwardness. During puberty / adolescence there are other changes taking place that are not so physically visible. There are major changes happening in the brain as cognitive developments take place. During adolescence thought processes become more complex and young adults begin to develop their abilities to use abstract thinking and to reason and analyse things. This may explain why teenagers and young adults seem so dazed and confused by the way things are around them. They are seeing things in new ways and are trying to adjust themselves and their world view in relation to the new insights they learn. They will question everything that they previously took on face value and they will also begin to find out things for themselves. They may begin to show talents or interests that they did not before. For example they may begin to show a creative or artistic personality via music, drawing and painting, writing or they may develop an interest in maths or science or immerse themselves in literature. The psychologist Erik Erikson (1902 – 1994) in his theory of Psychosocial Development places adolescence as stage five in the eight stages of development. He refers to the fifth stage as Identity versus Role Confusion and applies it to the 13 - 18 years period of adolescence. During this period, which Erikson believed to be pivotal in a persons development, children are in transition between childhood and adulthood. They are beginning to look to their future, starting to express their independence, looking towards their careers, relationships, where they may live, whether or not to have a family for example. It is during this period that a child has to learn the roles that they will take on as an adult. They will analyse and reanalyse their identity in the attempt to discover who they really are. Exploring other possibilities and beginning to form their own identity based upon the outcome of their explorations. Their sense of who they are can be hindered, which results in a sense of confusion such as "I don’t know what I want to do or who I want to be when I grow up” about themselves and their place in society. It is during this period that an adolescent’s body image changes dramatically. Erikson says the adolescent may be uncomfortable about and with their body as it changes until they adapt and grow into these changes. Chris's deliberation on the decisions he has to make at this time will be running through the cycle of, “I want to do this, but my father wants that, and my friends are doing their things ...who am I and who am I going to please, myself, my Dad, my...
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