This Essay Aims at Describing the Attitude of My Friend to Sexual Minorities and Underlying the Roots and Causes of This Attitude

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Want Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: January 20, 2011
This essay aims at analyzing my discoveries about “the self” based on the tests I have done. After making the Person Perception test I have made discoveries on what people think about me, however, in general, they were not surprising, as I expected particular characteristics from certain people. Regarding the Open Area, the elements that I use to show my self-image were 5 words about my personality, animal and food. My description of myself was that I am smart and funny, because I like to make jokes or smart comments and also I am not afraid of looking funny and ridiculous and do not feel embarrassed when other people make jokes about me, because that is OK with me, and I try to laugh together with others. Also, I added moody and emotional to my characteristics, because sometimes it is hard for me to keep my emotions and temper inside of me, and it is also difficult to hide my mood. My school teacher of English, who had been teaching me for 10 years once told me that people do not have to conjecture in which humor I am, because everything is written all over my face, my mood, my emotions and feelings. And my final characteristic was straight, which maybe comes from being emotional, because if I want to say something I tell it, and often afterwards I regret saying the things I should not have said. In addition, I chose cat as my animal, which is the domestic one, because I need tenderness and attention and also I need to be loved and to live in harmony with other people, I enjoy being at home in the family atmosphere. For food I wrote hamburger, because it contains various ingredients and colors (brown meat, green salad and read tomato), and I am also different at different levels of relationships, also hamburger is something that is substantial and satisfies hunger, and when communicating with people I do not like when something is left unsaid and I tend to talk a lot and enjoy proper good heart-to-heart conversations. In the Hidden Area there is the...
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