This Could Have Been Prevented

Topics: Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Mutual fund Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: February 10, 2013

1. Augmented reality differs from traditional virtual reality because users of augmented reality maintain a presence in the real world. In virtual reality, users are complete immersed a computer-generated environment, and often use head- mounted displays that facility the immersion and eliminate interference from the real world. 2. Augmented reality help sell the product also Generate excitement about their products in an entirely new way. 3. Augment reality aims to make shopping easier, enjoyable and more efficient. 4. Augment reality I phone APP and Augmented reality in architectural construction.

Chapter 11 page 439

1. The abrupt selling activates of a single mutual fund company Touched off a chain reaction. A confluence of forces was unleashed by the strucral and organization features of the electronic trading systems that execute the majority of trades on the down and the rest of the world’s major stock exchanges. 2. One of the benefits of electronic trading is that the coast less then using a traditional stoc broker. Another is easy for anyone to access and use 3. ETF’S

4. Yes this could have been prevented. If the regulators were prepared and equipped to deal with this kind of event. The investors need to do the research before investing .

Chapter 11- page 476
1. Making show it measuring the right thing, how helpful were they and it coast. 2. The headquarters groups can drill down from executive to refinery level and individual system- operator level display of performance. At a meeting managers can be able to see how well they are performing. 3. A sap manufacturing integration and intelligence application. 4. Management can control with a narrow range, they dashboard does not display a number of strategic factors beyond company performance so it’s not very effective in helping management pilot. 5. Yes because it would be more effective to management.
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