This Chapter Presents the Local and Foreign Literature We Have Reviewed Which Are Related to the Study. Review of Related Literature

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This chapter presents the local and foreign literature we have reviewed which are related to the study. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE
According to foreign and local literatures, e-learning is an innovative use of educational technologies while assuring excellence in delivery and enhancing online learning experiences. The major aim of e-learning project was to increase the quality of science education in schools and colleges, especially in the rural areas where there is a severe lack of educated teachers and accurate books. With e-learning material, the students can access and use quality material that should be self-explanatory. They also want to increase the number of students who succeed in their studies. It also supports weak students to find new motivation and to be able to learn in their own pace. E-learning uses tools such as computers, the internet and in general, information and communication technology (ICT). There is a plethora of possible ways of e-learning. For example, e-learning could be as simple as a student communicating by e-mail with a professor. E-learning could also be complex for the class having a lesson from a teacher ia a video linkup on the internet. In the rural areas, e-learning presents both opportunities and challenges. Rural areas are often geographically isolated from developed towns and cities where there are better opportunities for education and employment. E-Learning, if implemented in the right way in rural areas, has the potential to overcome these geographical barriers. E-learning is possibly more beneficial for rural areas than any other area (e.g. towns and cities) because it helps people to overcome resource limitations (e.g. lack of libraries and books) which other areas do not necessarily encounter. However, the challenges of implementing e-Learning in rural areas are usually far more extreme than those faced in developed areas. For example, rural areas usually have a poorer infrastructure (e.g. poor electricity supply...
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