This Blessed House

Topics: Love, Marriage, Husband Pages: 4 (1508 words) Published: December 8, 2011
A House is not a Home
Religion is a state of who you are. It signifies a person's mental activities as well as their physical attributions to the world that surrounds them. Religion is a form of state that distinguish between different types of groups and cultures. While in a specific religious group, one must abide by all the rules and commit to what the religion has to offer. It is known that when a person disobeys their religious they get looked at as an outsider, or just as a person from another religious group. In This Blessed House written by Jhumpa Lahiri, she expresses how religion can be the cause of destroying a perfect romantic relationship. The couple in the story, Sanjeev and his wife Tanima, also known as Twinkle are both Hindus, which is a religion that was formulated in the country India. After only knowing each other for a few months they had got married and moved in with each other. Rushing into things was what they did, and moved into a beautiful house, but had no idea what was really behind those walls. The conflict comes up when Twinkle begins finding Christian relics all over the house. Sanjeev wants to put out all the found relics, but Twinkle collects them on the mantlepiece and shows them off to everybody.

Twinkle, so ecstatic about finding the Christian relics, she decided to keep them and put them up in the house. Why would she do this when she is definitely Hindi? Was there something behind her action? But,at that point Sanjeev was already upset about the relics being displayed in their household, with people knowing that they are Hindus, not Christians. Sanjeev stated, “We're not Christian” (146). Meaning, that they should not be affiliated with any type of things related to Christianity. One can see how this action would form a major conflict in Sanjeev's and Twinkle's household.

Jumpa Lahiri's choice of words shows how weak Sanjeev's and Twinkle's relationship was. She stated, “He was getting nowhere with her, whit this women...
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