Topics: Intelligence, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Signature Assignment #3: Motivation

Content of the AttributionInternal/ExternalStable/UnstableControllable/Uncontrollable Fred’s Attribution in MathInternalStableUncontrollable
Bobby’s Attribution in MathInternalUnstableControllable

For Fred’s attributions, based on the evidence provided, he believes his relationship with math is External because he cannot do math, and has constantly failed math in the past which makes Fred believe that he cannot do anything else to learn math. Internal basically states that people are affected by themselves rather than the environment, and because of Fred’s lack of ability to learn math his attribution is Internal. Fred also falls under Stable as another attribute because he believes his outcome cannot change based on prior experience. Stable means that the outcome of the given situation cannot change, and this is portrayed through Fred, and him always failing math. Along with Internal, and Stable, Fred’s attributes also fall under Uncontrollable. Fred’s attributes also fall under Uncontrollable because he feels that he is unable to control the outcome of this situation no matter how much effort he puts in even though he gives up on challenging problems easily and is still not affected when his teacher Mr. Foster tries to relate the lessons to things that interest the class like using baseball percentages. Bobby’s attributions on the other hand are based on the situation provided; he believes that learning math is Internal. Internal is based on how someone believes they made themselves to be. In Bobby’s case, he believes that if he continues to try to learn he will eventually understand it, and that even if its hard now, it may not always be hard in the future as long as he does not give up. Bobby also believes that he can do things to improve his math grade like working hard and not quitting if it becomes too difficult which makes one of his attributes Internal. Bobby also portrays...
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