Thirty Seconds To Mars: Live Concert Review

Topics: Pronoun, Connotation, Adjective Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Essay of 30 seconds to mars

This piece of text is a live concert review of the infamous rock band 30 Seconds To Mars. The bold, enlarged heading of the proper noun “ 30 Seconds To Mars” and location “Cardiff International Arena – 21sth February 2010” is typical of this type of genre as it has the proper pronoun of “. The audience for this review is commonly associated with a male fan base as 30 Seconds To Mars is a rock band, however this review seems to be targeting women more than men as the write seems to focus on Jared, the lead vocalist. Not only is this audience greatly women but also seem to be of youth as the noun “kids” is used, presenting an image of young women. The nature of the audience seems to be wild and zany as they rejoice in the band’s rebellious antics such as “leaps off stage”. The purpose of this review is to entertain, inform those who had missed the live concert and give the writer’s opinion of the performance. Nouns such as “moshpit” and “near hysteria” have positive connotations of an electric environment and a sense of uncontrolled ecstasy, supporting the purpose of entertainment. Modifiers such as “epic” and “rabid” have haphazard and hectic connotations supporting the purpose that the write is portraying their view of the performance.

The review has a lexical field of enrapture and wildness which adds dramatic effect to the ambience of the performance of the band. The powerful words “hysteria”, “moshpit”, “inescapable”, “majestic” and “rabid” all work together in creating a lexical field of enrapture and sense of electricity. The adjectives “majestic”, “surreal” and “inescapable” have a connotation of an enthralling band who captivate their audience, these adjectives which the writer has chosen to use presents the band as captivating and mesmerizing as they capture their audience in their “inescapable” performance.

The nouns “moshpit” and “near hysteria” create a sense of loss of self control as the crowd are swept under...
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