Thirteen days to find the perfect resolution

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Thirteen days to find the perfect resolution
In the film Thirteen Days, the controversy of the historic Cuban Missile Crisis is depicted as one of America’s most trying time because for the first time the U.S and Soviet Union were eye to eye in tension. The key players were President John F. Kennedy and the Soviet Premier Khrushchev. Soviet nuclear missiles were deployed to Cuba in October 1962. The Soviet Union deployments of missiles were for defensive purposes, but the fact that the missiles were deployed close to U.S borders made this an uneasy situation. It was during this time that the president had to be prudent and make some extenuating decisions for America, while facing options of military and diplomatic solutions which included airstrikes, quarantine, invasions and negotiations and back channels.

Kennedy’s advisors had to decide on the best solution on the Cuban missile crisis. One proposal made by the military was to seek immediate action involving airstrikes. This option could take out the soviet missiles before they were operated, but the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic could launch a counter attack which would lead to World War III (WWIII). The soviets nuclear missiles were designed to take out 80 million Americans in five minutes, and immediate militant action would be needed if we stood a chance. Quick military actions were good choices of stopping the soviets because it would subvert the missiles before they were launched. This option was struck down because it proved to be a destabilizing move, immoral, and could allow the Soviets to launch a counter attack later on. Any immediate airstrikes against the USSR would place the U.S in grave danger. According to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, if the U.S were to use quick military action we would need to do so as soon as possible and follow it with an invasion eight days later to cease all future counter attacks the soviets may plan. General Curtis LeMay agreed that president...
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