Third Rome

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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The Third Rome
In monk filofei’s letter to Grand Prince, he mentions the rise of Moscow as the third Rome. Moscow rises as the third Rome due to the merging of all the other orthodox Christian churches to join Grand Prince a well-respected ruler of Moscow who acts as the administrator of all the holy churches of God. In his letter, Monk specifically praises Grand prince because he has managed to triumph over others like the Church of Rome as well as the churches in Constantinople. The merging of the churches in Moscow led to the downfall of the old Rome. The doors of the churches in the second Rome were all shattered down using axes by the Turks. The third Rome has risen to success over time and it is due to this fact that Filofei uses the phrase “it shines brighter than the sun in the universal orthodox Christian faith throughout the world” to describe it (Filofei). The history of churches in Constantinople indicates three main events that led to the rise of Moscow as the third Rome. The first main event took place in 1453, when the Turkish captured Constantinople and absorption of the most Christian states in the Ottoman Empire. The breakup of the golden Horde, a powerful state, vehemently followed this event. The golden Horde broke up into many troubled units. Finally the emergence of a super power, the Muscovy, The Monk articulate the fall of Constantinople to the fact that the Turks were not true Christians, thus the task of ensuring continuity in Christianity lay on the Grand Prince Vasilii, who was selected to lead the people of the New Rome. The need for the Third Rome to succeed against all advocacies influences Filofei to write the letter to Grand Prince. The letter is an indication of yet another theory that explains the rise of Moscow as the Third Rome.

From the letter, the rise of the Third Rome is mainly due to the Christianity wrangles in Moscow. The fall of the orthodox churches is actually the main causative...