Third Gender

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Transgender Pages: 5 (1592 words) Published: November 25, 2012
In society, the biological difference between men and women is used as a justification for aligning them with different social roles which restrict and mold their attitudes and behavior. Merriam-Webster defines gender as the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex. Narrow minded society of today is not satisfied with the natural difference of sex, but each insist on adding a cultural difference of gender to it. The unsophisticated, ideal physical facts always become associated with the complex psychological qualities (Holter). It is not enough for a male to be a man; he must also be masculine. A woman, in addition to being a female, must be feminine (Magner). In a more evolved and accepting society, men and women will not be judged based on physical attributes and passing judgement on those whose beliefs and physical and mental make up do not agree with that of their own. This new age society will redefine gender thus creating three genders, female, male, and androgynous.

As previously stated, gender is defined as the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex (Volume Information). Gender has a major impact on how our identity is developed through many interactions such as with parents, media, and peers. How people are raised in society reflects how they act and mature. Our society changes our attitudes and views on life more than our biological make-up. By establishing a new society, one where people are more accepting, will create peace amongst the sexes. Gender is a combination of what is seen, as well as how people think, feel, act and react to various situations. This blend of biological, psychological, and sociological features is developed based on how an individual is raised and influenced by the society in which they live and are apart of (Holter). Gender has a major impact on every aspect of a person's life. It has a strong impact on the way people set goals, how they feel about themselves, and making work related decisions. It also has major impact on they way people dress, religion, relationships, and how they express feelings and emotions.

Gender roles determine and directly affect how an individual thinks, speaks, and interacts within society (Guastello, 665). Gender schemas are deeply embedded cognitive frameworks regarding what define masculine and feminine (Guastello, 665). Social agents such as parents, teachers, peers, television, music, and books, demonstrate and reinforce gender roles throughout the lifespan of a person (Woodhill, 17). By developing a new society, the distorted definition of manhood and womanhood will be changed and seen in a more philosophical way.

What is the role of the "female" in society? From decade to decade raising children and doing all the household chores belong to the female domain. Currently women are perceived as more communal (selfless and concerned with others) than men (Magner). These beliefs were hypothesized to stem from perceivers' observations of women and men in differing social roles: (a) Women are more likely than men to hold positions of lower status and authority, and (b) women are more likely than men to be homemakers and are less likely to be employed in the paid work force. This newly developed definition of gender will re-construct the image of the ideal woman. Women will be liberated and will have the ability to do multiple tasks without judgement by men being passed upon them. The newly liberated woman will have a positive impact on society by showing that gender does not determine success. Women will be accepted and will defeat inequality. The male and androgynous perception of women will not create a sense of oppression by means of exploitation.

It is also imperative to ask what is the role of the male in society? Society uses masculinity to define a man. In "Society and Sex Roles" by Ernestine Friedl, Friedl supports the the idea that suggests that " although...
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