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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Ahmad Hilwan

Page 71
1. The similarities is a retailer are striking, from the very bad corporate governance, aggressive earnings management and accounting “irregularities” to auditors whose role must be called into question. 2. Should stop believing that corporate wrong doing is a US that cannot occur in the old continent. 3. Because He won a huge reputation from turning a dull company into a growth machine. And Investors applauded long after they should have started asking hard question. 4. The 463m overstatement is due primaly to Ahold’s US Foodservice unit, which supplies food to schools, hospitals and restaurants, although there are also issues over its Disco subsidiary in Argentina and several other units. 5. European problem than yet another US accounting failure. Such a claim absolves Ahold’s bosses of responsibility for their acquisitions and dishonesty and ignorances the persistent, firm-wide tendency to test the limits of acceptable accounting. 6. Most firms that buy in bulk including such admired retailers as Wal-Mart and Tesco get discounts from suppliers if they meet sales targets. Failing firms, such as nowbankrupt Kmart, food distributor flemming, and now Ahold appear to have booked these rebate payments before they were earned. Page 76

1. Speed Interviewing : D
2. Click to file : B
3. Checking in and Checking out : E
4. Empower your Managers : C
5. Making yourself redundant : A

a. 740 : Specially trained interviewers.
b. 20 per cent: weeded about application.
c. 30 minutes: Time to interviews of each.
d. 8 per cent:Reject candidates at this stage for various reasons, such as lying on applications. e. $1.9 million: Save Bellagio.
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