Thinking Through the Past, Vol.1/ Fourth Edition

Topics: Indentured servant, Slavery, Poverty Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: May 14, 2013
“Thinking Through the Past Assignment 1”
Chapter 3
They are trying to get people to sign up for the indentured servant program. Pennsylvania was one of the best places for indentured servants. The indentured servant program would get you a ride over there and you would have to work four years, then you would be free to go on your way. The investigation says, “An acquaintance in Pennsylvania has just sent you a packet of documents about the colony. It contains an offer for paid passage to Pennsylvania in exchange for a four year term of service.” (Pg. 41) Then they want us to figure out if we would make the trip to Pennsylvania to become a Quaker. Question 1

People with money were considered equal. People with no money were poor but considered equal. Society was pretty equal in general. In source one, Gabriel Thomas says, “I must needs say, even the present Encouragements are very great and inviting, for poor people (both men and women) of all kinds, can here get three times the wages for their labor they can in England or Wales.” (Pg.42) In source three, Gottlieb Mittelberger says, “If he has so much money, it will slip out of his hands; if he has it not, he must work his debt off as a slave and poor serf.” This says a lot, there is money or there isn’t. The people who had the money took the tretious trip across the sea. In source ten the table shows different wealth of free people in the new world. As time went on in Philadelphia the poorest had a chance to better themselves. Most people ranged from 61% - 100% were were the majority of people were. Question 2

In source two, William Moraley says, “…. The first settlers not being sufficient of themselves to improve those lands, were not only obliged to purchase a great number of English servants to assist them, to whom they granted great immunities, and at the expiration of their servitude, land was given to encourage them to continue there …” (Pg.42) this says that the indentured servants were...
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