Thinking Styles - Emotional Thinking

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  • Published : September 13, 2011
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Emotion Thinking
Every person thinks, behaves and feels in different ways. It is is a natural instinct and human nature to feel. Emotions are very important in everyday life as it drives individuals to feel and understand as well as remember. Emotional thinkers base their decision making on feelings. Emotional thinkers are highly emotional and excitable and are considered to be irrational thinkers. Emotional thinking does not require any facts or data and is based purely on instinct. “Emotions don’t hold any validity. They are neither right nor wrong, neither good nor bad. They just are and are usually the consequence of our own thinking” (Dr. Nevin Taylor, September 18, 2009).

How does emotional thinking affect the critical thinking process? Emotional thinking requires very little thinking, but implies a belief or reasoning for a behavior or decision. How a person reacts to a certain situation (whether good or bad) is caused by emotions. Being reasonable and having the ability to make judgments, determines emotional intelligence. Critical thinking enables people to take control of not only their thoughts, but of their feelings, emotions, and desires as well. It is critical thinking that provides us with the mental tools needed to clearly understand how reasoning works.

Emotional thinkers unfortunately cannot be logical thinkers. Logical thinkers use facts to determine how to make a decision. For instance, at my place of business, the shipping manager decided to take matters into his own hands. A week ago, the company accrued a very large chargeback. The manger attempted to call several trucking companies, looking for alternative pricing, thinking he could save the company some money. One person gave him the wrong information; which he did not bother to verify. By not following shipping guidelines and protocol, it not only cost the company money, but also the customer’s respect and trust, and the company’s time. He thought he was doing...
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