Thinking Outside the Box

Topics: Education, Doctorate, University Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Thinking Outside the Box: The "General Education" of Life

I believe that there is a lot to take away from a General Education degree program. I love that I have the freedom to explore different areas of academia within the General Education requirements. I have been able to study things I had little exposure to prior to entering college such as art and philosophy. While those subject areas won’t directly impact my job in Marketing, I believe they have broadened my cultural perspective and forced me to think outside of the box. While a general education has helped me in many ways, I feel that it has prepared me to go out into the world with a broader outlook. That is the most important thing I have gained from my educational experience thus far. We learn a lot in the classroom. However, we learn more in the real world through our everyday interactions and work. I am able to succeed at my job and communicate more effectively in social situations because of what I have taken from my studies. I am able to identify with people who are different than me and work effectively with others who have different points of view. I strongly believe I am able to do this because I was challenged by my professors and fellow students in classroom discussions, debates and through my coursework. This foundation will enable me to continue to be successful in whatever I choose to do down the road. I look forward to continuing my education with a graduate degree and further build on that foundation.
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